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Canopy designed for urban cyclists

The new VELTOP URBAN QR1 is an optimized protection for riding in the rain and braving the cold. It allows the cyclist to cycle every day without fear of the weather. Its new deflectors integrated into the basket now protect the hands perfectly. Practical, simple and resistant, it has been designed for intensive use thanks to the quality and robustness of its materials. This "Made in France" protection is adaptable to all city bikes or electric bikes.

Rain protection Cold protection Sun protection


An efficient protection
The most effective protection against rain, cold and sun for bicycles on the market thanks to its new enlarged and rigid side panels, its "Air Block" system integrated into the basket which protects the legs and avoids air rising on the face, and finally thanks to its new deflectors integrated into the basket to protect the hands. More than 90% of the cyclist's body remains dry, which offers unparalleled comfort for your daily cycling trips.

Quick and easy assembly
Only 30 seconds are needed to put on or remove the canopy and only 5 seconds to remove the windscreen with the canopy and keep only the basket.

Adjustable windshield
The height of the windscreen can be adjusted to suit all heights from 1.50 to 1.90m. It preserves the quality of vision in rainy weather and is fully retractable into the basket.

Waterproof basket
Your belongings can be stored and protected from the rain in the front basket.

Safer travel
The protection offers a greater visual impact to other road users. As a result, cars make larger swerves.  

Durable components
All the parts used are designed and assembled in our workshops in France and 90% are manufactured within a 50km radius. They are selected to guarantee a long life for the product.
Polycarbonate windscreen, stainless steel and aluminium metal parts, water-repellent polyester bonnet, fibreglass hoops, etc.

Adaptable to almost all bicycles
The VELTOP URBAN-QR1 can be fitted to almost all bicycles thanks to universal fixings suitable for all handlebar diameters.
You can find the instructions and all parts of the model in the chapter "ASSEMBLY".

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Way of using

Possible configurations according to the weather :

By the rain
Windscreen in high position with outstretched canopy with “Air Block“ system down

By cold
Windscreen in hight position with “Air Block“ system down

In fine weather
Upper windscreen pushed down or totally withdrawn, without canopy with “Air Block“ system up

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You can refer to our « Instructions of use » and follow the different steps of assembling and discover all the spare parts of the model or watch the video.

Poids: 3,8 kgs 

See the assembly videos

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  1. Confort
    easy to install fast shipping

  2. Price
    Great product, I use it every day, the behavior is comfortable even at 40 km/h (on circuit of course ...) I recommend.

  3. Confort
    I bought the new VELTOP URBAN QR1 and I'm thrilled! Very well designed product with high quality materials.

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