The story


The brand VELTOP was created by the will to propose an efficient solution for cyclists who were using the bicycle as means of transport to face rain and cold in winter.

On 2007, after 4 years of studying, designs and prototypes, VELTOP comes out with its first model adaptable on all bicycles.


The different VELTOP products are designed, manufactured and assembled since the start in France by the firm CYCLO-SYSTEM which purpose is the manufacturing of weather protections removable and light-weighted for the 2, 3 and 4 wheels. Given to different enquiries they will extend their models year after year.


2009 - First protection for the electric scooters which are made for disabled persons to shelter them in bad weather.


2010 - First protection adapted to the geometry of recumbents and trikes
           The notion of a removable protection for wheelchairs was presented in 2010 at the exhibition HANDICA in Paris which got the first prize by the PUBLIC


2011 - At the request of the POST, VELTOP develops and proposes a model adapted to the bicycles of the postmen, used in regions of the center and east of France
           Due to the growth factor, the society moves to a new place to enlarge the scope of activity and establish its own sewing space to design and manufacture the canopies for each model


2013 - New version of the self-supporting canopy without a back fixation, proposed for trikes, transport vehicles and cargo bicycles used by delivery professionals


2014 - New version with the self-supporting canopy without a back fixation, an integrated basket for bicycles


2015 - New versions SUN without a windscreen for recumbents users and electric scooters PMR to protect essentially against sun and UV


2019 - First protection installed on electric wheelchairs, totally new conception, compared with our other models

10 years experience and enriched by the comments of the users, permanent evolutions were realised to propose efficient and reliable products which are in according to our quality demand.

Do not hesitate to approach us with your model which we adapt to your need.