The concept

The whole of the protections VELTOP against rain, cold and sun, designed for bicycles, tricycles, cargo-bikes, electric scooters for senior and electric wheelchairs were manufactured since 2007 on the same concept, terms and conditions and technical characteristics.

The sound basis is that each model should be light-weight, folding or removable easily and quick.

It has to be possible at any moment to ride as wished with or without the protection by simple and quick handling.

The protection is optimised to guarantee the best efficiency against bad weather conditions in regard to its space volume.

A particular attention is given to the quality of the materials in order to preserve its lasting and the long life of product.
The transparent windscreen is of polycarbonate (excepted the model for electric wheelchairs) to assure a good visibility and to be nearly unbreakable.
The superior part is of a resistant waterproof fabric and no UV can get through.
On each side, transparent lateral protections are flexible to permit a rapid dismantling and a less cumbersome stocking.
The used materials are of aluminium and stainless steel exclusive for the metallic parts.

Eventually, each element of the protection must be individual available as spare parts.