Our know-how

The different protections against rain, cold and sun were designed, manufactured and assembled by VELTOP since 2007 in France.

The brand VELTOP belongs to the society CYCLO-SYSTEM with the purpose to manufacture removable and light protections by bad weather for city bicycles, electric bikes, tricycles and cargo trikes, scooters for disabled persons and electric wheelchairs.

La firm develops as well some optional accessories like the stabiliser for the handlebar to the protection of bike users.

90 % of these pieces compose the protection “ rain-cold-sun “ and are manufactured and designed by the firm.

A network of nearby suppliers manufacture specific pieces according to their required competences.
These realise for instant the bending of the tubes, the folding of the metal sheets, the polycarbonate of the windscreen, ...
The material used are aluminium and stainless steel for the metallic pieces, polycarbonate for the windscreens and the polyester for the fabric.

The total confection of the canopies and the side protections are realised in our workshop which has 5 sewing machines.
A particular attention is demanded towards the selection and the technical characteristics of the fabric which are submitted to terms and conditions (waterproof, liquid repellant, resistant to tear, stop to UV...)

The different pieces are assembled in our workshop for each model of the protection VELTOP and then delivered in all the world.

The purpose is to totally control the chain of the fabrication, preferable for nearby supplier circuits well known for their professionalisation and their commitment to respect the quality.

Our engagement is to deliver a qualitative product and to keep a sufficient stock to assure the deliveries in short times.