What about if there is wind with Veltop Urban QR1 ?

In case of front wind, the resistance is the same to that of a human body because of the presence of the windscreen which has an equivalent width and a convex shape as well as a variable gradient. At 20 km/h (12 miles/hour) there is no difference with a VELTOP. Up to 30 km/h (18 Miles/hour) the wind resistance remains inconsiderable. On urban rides such speed is rarely possible. Side winds meet no resistance when the side protections are rolled up, the hood itself has no negative influence on the rider’s stability. In case of rain or cold, a wind, which is blowing sideways, can be perceived by the rider if the side protections are pulled down but cannot be considered as dangerous. Nevertheless we recommend not to pull them down in strong wind or storm. In extreme bad weather conditions we recommend to ride without the canopy.

How effective is the protection Veltop Urban QR1 ?

The upper body is completely dry and protected. Concerning the lower body, the thighs are totally protected thanks to the windshield deported on the front and the side protections which aim to increase the volume of protection on the sides. The deflectors located at the front of the basket protect the hands from rain and cold. (see video in situation)

Is it necessary to have windscreen wipers with Veltop Urban QR1 ?

Our windshields are treated to be water repellent. After several uses it is necessary to clean the windshield carefully to facilitate the flow of water drops.

Is the new Veltop Urban QR1 adaptable to all bikes ?

The protection is adaptable on 95% of classic bikes (city bikes - mountain bikes - VTC) and electric bikes.

How much time is needed for the assembly/disassembly of the Veltop Urban QR1 protection ?

When the windshield is in place on the handlebar, the installation of the canopy and the side protections takes only 30 seconds. The same goes for disassembly. (see assembly video)


VELTOP Cosy Plus 2

How effective is the protection Veltop Cosy Plus 2 ?

The entire body as well as the console and joystick are protected from the weather. There are also several possible configurations depending on the weather. The leg protection and the transparent front part can be removed in good weather. (see video in situation)

Can the Veltop Cosy Plus 2 be fitted to all wheelchairs ?

The protection can be adapted on all conventional and electric wheelchairs with a horizontal tube behind the seat or two vertical tubes behind the seat. (see assembly video)

Is it easy to deploy the Veltop Cosy Plus 2 protection ?

The canopy can be quickly retracted or removed. The front part is removable and available in two versions: semi-rigid and polycarbonate. The leg protection can be connected in a short time thanks to an intuitive fastening system and thus protects the user completely. (see video)

Is it necessary to remove the Veltop Cosy Plus 2 protection to enter a vehicle ? 

The VELTOP Cosy Plus 2 has been designed and developed for easy and convenient use. The user does not need to remove the protection to enter a vehicle. 


VELOP Modulo 2 et VELTOP Cocoon 2

How effective are the Veltop Modulo 2 and Veltop Cocoon 2 protection ?

The entire body and the console are protected from the rain. (see video VELTOP Cocoon 2 in situation and VELTOP Modulo 2)

Are the Veltop Modulo 2 and Veltop Cocoon 2 adaptable on all scooters ?

The VELTOP Cocoon 2, VELTOP Modulo 2 and Veltop Modulo Sun 2 are compatible with all electric mobility scooters that have a headrest or a square tube under the seat.

How much time is needed for the assembly/disassembly of the Veltop Modulo 2 and the Veltop Cocoon 2 ?

The installation of the hood and the side protections takes only 2 minutes. Same for the disassembly. (see video of VELTOP Cocoon 2 assembly and see video of VELTOP Modulo 2 assembly)

What is the difference between the VELTOP Modulo 2 and the Cocoon 2 ?

The Veltop Modulo 2 has a canopy that is not connected with the front windshield. As a result, the console can be tilted forward and the seat can be rotated 90° for easy access into the scooter. The protection is also more flexible because the windshield can be removed in summer for example to enjoy the nice weather. 
The Veltop Cocoon 2 offers more protection to the user in the rain and against the wind. With a light and robust design, this one-piece protection...


Frequently asked questions

Are VELTOP protections guaranteed ?

Your VELTOP is covered by a 2-year warranty, which runs from the date of delivery.
The warranty covers manufacturing defects in parts or textiles.

My protection does not suit me, is the return free ?

If you are not satisfied with your VELTOP, you have 14 days to return it. The return of the ordered goods is always at the expense of the buyer.
To do this, contact us via the form by clicking here. 
We will contact you within 24 hours to set up the logistics of the return.
Upon receipt of the protection, we will inspect it to verify its condition, then we will proceed to the refund according to this condition.

Once ordered, when will I receive my VELTOP ?

We ship all our products within 48 hours, pending In Europe, the delivery takes about 5 to 7 working days. Outside Europe, you will receive the package between 10 and 15 working days.

Where VELTOP protections are manufactured ?

All our protections are designed in our workshop in France, from the assembly of the parts to the sewing of the textile part.
The parts are manufactured within a 50 kilometer radius of our workshop in order to control the manufacturing process and guarantee the quality of the materials.