VELTOP protection for cargo bikes on French TV

VELTOP protection for cargo bikes on French TV


The France 2 television news programme honours cargo bike users in its report broadcast at 1pm on Wednesday 15 March 2023. These new cyclists have decided to trade in their vehicles for cargo bikes in order to travel more ecologically and economically on a daily basis.

The report shows professionals who have opted for the cargo bike and who are equipped with the VELTOP Cargo QR1 and the VELTOP Cargo 5, weather protection models that allow them to ride in all weather conditions.

These are designed to offer effective protection against rain, cold and sun, which greatly improves user comfort.

In this case, the users include a hairdresser in Strasbourg and a delivery man with bulky loads.

Their testimonies highlight the many advantages of this mode of transport, which allows them to move around the city without having to deal with traffic jams and the search for a parking space, thus saving precious time.

In addition, the cargo bike is less expensive than a car or even a motorised two-wheeler, which represents a significant saving in the long term thanks also to the limited maintenance costs. Cycling does not produce exhaust fumes that are harmful to the air we breathe and limits greenhouse gas emissions. Cycling is quiet, reduces noise pollution in urban areas and contributes to improving the quality of life of residents.

In short, the France 2 report shows that the cargo bike is an ecological, economical and comfortable way to travel. It is becoming increasingly popular with families and professionals in France and elsewhere.

Equipped with the VELTOP Cargo 5 and the VELTOP Cargo QR1, these utility bicycles meet a new demand to replace vehicles in urban areas and to ride on a daily basis whatever the weather conditions.