Simple and effective protection against rain and cold for urban cyclists.


In 2007, the very first version of the rain, cold and sun protection for bicycles, called the VELTOP CLASSIC 1, was born. This protection has been designed to allow cyclists to cycle in all weather conditions and this promotes the everyday cycling.


This is the 6th version and evolution since the origin.

Thanks to our long experience and our proximity to the users, our bicycle protection has been constantly evolving and improving, which has enabled us to become the reference and leader on the market.


The VELTOP URBAN QR1 has been optimised and refined to keep almost the entire body dry (90%). Particular attention has also been paid to deflect the air flow and limit the sensation of cold in winter.


This versatile model benefits from a new design for the basket, enlarged and maintained side protections but above all new deflectors integrated into the basket which now protect totally hands and forearms.


Modular, simple and quality protection

The VELTOP's DNA is preserved, namely: easy assembly and disassembly of the soft top, a polycarbonate windscreen for better visibility, impeccable material quality for the product's long life.


Pratical on a daily basis

The basket at the front allows you to store several things in a sheltered place. 

It can hold all your belongings in your everyday life (jacket, padlock, bag, phone, satchel...).

In order to prevent the bike from tipping over when parked, it can be equipped with a handlebar stabiliser which will keep the wheel in line with the frame.


This 6th " URBAN QR1 " version, offers increased and almost complete protection against rain and cold when riding a bike. It brings together all the company's know-how and is "Made in France".


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