FEEDBACK Episode 1 - "The rain protection for bicycle has changed my daily habits“

FEEDBACK Episode 1 - "The rain protection for bicycle has changed my daily habits“

We present the first episode of our new "FEEDBACK" section which aims to follow the users of our VELTOP protections, collect and share their opinion on the model used.

The first episode focuses on Nathalie MARAMMA, 49, who travels daily on her electric bicycle, equipped with a VELTOP URBAN LIGHT, to commute to work on the shores of Lake Annecy.


“My name is Nathalie Marrama, I am 49 years old, I am a dental assistant, and I settled on the shores of Lake Annecy 16 years ago. Over the years, I have noticed the increase in population and activity in the region: to travel the 7 miles which separates my home from my work, I have gone from 20 minutes to over an hour's drive. 

I absolutely had to find an alternative, so I started to use my bike. I became what they call a velotaffeuse today. In the region where the seasons are very marked, the rain and the cold are often present in the sky of  Ancient, which makes the practice more complicated. So I thought about how to remedy the situation and I found VELTOP. 

The range of protections proposed immediately seduced me, because it is entirely manufactured in a French company, with noble materials. 

A few seconds are enough to install my protection according to the weather conditions. 

So I bought the URBAN LIGHT model, which changed completely my daily habits, up to the point that I even sold my car in order to use exclusively this way of locomotion.

The practicality, the handling and the safety of the product have allowed me to reduce my travel time every day and it also allows me to make a gesture for the environment, which seems to me indispensable today.“


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