VELTOP is a range of weather protections for bicycles, recumbents and cargo bikes, but also canopies for scooters and electric wheelchairs in the field of reduced mobility.


The initial idea was to design a protection for cyclists. Fifteen years ago, the electric bicycle boom began its commercial success and more and more people wanted to cycle to work and give up their second car.

The initial specification was to design a protection that would be efficient and above all simple to use in order to be able to fold on and unfold quickly.

One can just choose in a few seconds, according to the weather conditions, to ride with or without the protection.

Thanks to the notoriety acquired in the urban bicycle market, other requests were quickly received from users of recumbent bikes but also, in the field of reduced mobility, from users of scooters and electric wheelchairs.

The current growth market concerns cargo bikes and we have designed a specific model adapted to the geometry of these tricycles.

The last mile delivery by bike in France and all over the world is in full development. We are in direct relation with private users and delivery companies as well as with the manufacturers of these tricycles and transport bikes.

Since the beginning, our will is to make a French product and to control the whole process of conception, from manufacturing to shipping. We design each part in-house, we assemble them in our workshop and we also have a sewing workshop which makes all the fabric parts of the hoods.

We make sure that we always have stock, so that within 2 working days, 90% of the orders are shipped to the customer or to the retailer.

From the moment we entered the market of reduced mobility by offering a protection for mobility scooters, we became known among users and retailers but equally wheelchair users. They also quickly asked us to design a protection that would fit the specific dimension of the wheelchairs and also be simple, easy to install, to cover and to uncover.

Based on this observation and the specific constraints, we had to design an entirely new protection.


A great satisfaction is obviously the positive feedback from our users who thank us every day for having brought this solution of mobility to the shelter, which allows them to move more often in all weather conditions. 

We launched the first bicycle protection in 2007 and today we have more than 20,000 users worldwide. We sell mainly in Europe and 70% of our sales come from exports. Germany is our most important partner in volume.