Reviews Veltop Recumbent

Tom V.G. (B)

I've installed and tested my Veltop in heavy rainfall. In one word: it's genius! I really like the way you can adjust everything to fit your bike.
I used it without the translucent side flaps, because i think they're a bit cumbersome to install. But even without the sideflaps it did it's job well.
Off course you still get a bit wet from splashing water and side winds (without the flaps), but even after considerable time in the rain, my ride was still comfortable.
This is really going to change my daily commute of 66 km (round trip)!
This invention would change the world, if people were a little less lazy and a bit more adventurous!
Enclosed you can find some pictures of my home-made, electrically assisted and now weather protected trike.
I'm not sure I installed the side flaps correctly (I never read manuals :-).
Best regards and many thanks,


Keith R. (U.S.A.)

I received the package today.
I am writing you . So I can sincerely thank you. Very very much.
For adding the rear click piece  At no cost.  
You and Veltop  are the most helpful considerate and generous company I have ever dealt with.          
Sincerely Keith R.

Kent R. (Canada)

I installed a Veltop on my ICE Sprint26 a couple of weeks ago.I haven't tried it in the rain yet,but it sure helps to keep the sun off me.Very solid mount too.I have very poor roads around here and it hasn't budged a bit.
Great product.

Owen W.

I have ridden several times with your Veltop to date and I am very pleased with it. I had some concern as to getting on and off of my trike with this in place but I am finding it to be very easy to do. Thank you again.

Erik W.

Hi Stephane,
The parts that were sent to me on Friday arrived at about 3pm. to-day and are now on my tricycle.
May I congratulate your excelent after sales service and  may I say a very big thank you to you.
Best regards,
Eric W.

Scotty M.

They fit great and I'm very  happy now. Thanks for sending them so quick. Now I want it to rain so I can go ride around. Drove around with  the top up when it was drizzling out and it was great. Everybody looks at the bike with the roof on it LOL. Thanks again, here is a couple pics with the bigger windows, great fit.
Scott M

Michael S.

Shortly after our previous e-mails I ordered the Veltop for use on my
Catrike Speed. I have to say that, after getting it setup and dialed
in, I am quite pleased with the protection it provides from the
elements and look forward to continuing my car-free lifestyle shielded
from the rain!


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