Reviews Veltop Mobility

Russel L. (CA)

Now for the best part which was taking my first ride with with the new system and it was incredible the difference is amazing.
At my age now which is 85 and a half; I feel the cold much more these days but your system is the best that I have seen and now I have it to enjoy.
The side panels make all the difference in the vehicle and they are extremely well made in every respect. I know that I will be stopped by other
scooter owners asking where I got this set up as there is nothing like it here in Chilliwack B.C. And of course they will be advised where to get one if they wish. 
The package arrived Monday November 5th which was really fast.
Thank you

Carolyn J. (USA)

This is installed and works great!    Thanks for a good product, and you are the  only company that I found that is producing anything like this for a scooter!    My mother in law loves it and has had many positive comments from her friends at the retirement complex she lives at.  Thanks again!

Megan G. (AUS)

Hi Stephane

Your customer service is fantastic – responding the next day is a bit unusual when it comes to mobility scooter accessories, and is one of the reasons I am buying this product.


Andreas T. (CH)

thank you for your quick response
I received the package with the installation instructions yesterday.
Now everything is installed perfectly the result is very good.