Reviews Veltop Classic

Vanessa L. (UK)

any thanks for the updates, it is appreciated - as is the kind help and assistance you have given throughout. I look forward to receiving my order in due course

Kind regards

Stan S. (Dealer USA)

I received the Veltop system on Tuesday, it arrived safely. Upon unpacking the components I immediately appreciated the high level of quality that was evident throughout the component parts and assemblies. As a quality engineer and manager, I really am impressed with this system and how well it assembled onto the bikes.

Steven B. (USA)

Just ordered my new windscreen. Thanks for being incredibly helpful! I look forward to testing and promoting your product.  Hope you have a great weekend. 

Peter M. (Dealer USA)

The last two clients that we've sold your product to have been very pleased.  Thank you very much.

Roman S. (UK)

Thanks for super service, my appo
logy.  I'm realy happy. Now
Thanks for yours honesty. And for phone call
I will recommend. You to everyone

R.H.  (Australia) 

I thought you might like to know, my Veltop saved me from a very nasty, very public, accident. At Nimbin's Ma rdi Grass festival I was scooting through the main street towing a roller doobie girl and showing off to the crowd when someone walked out in front of me. No time to stop or miss him, just time to miss him with the front wheel and hit him with the windscreen. He bounced off uninjured, the Veltop sprung apart and was easily put back together. Without the Veltop I think we would have had a nasty tangle. I'm very pleased with my Veltop and not just for weather protection. The traffic stays even further away from me and that's always a good thing.
Many thanks

Scott M. (USA)

I have a Days6 bike and I saw a picture here with the veltop classic on it. However I have a Topeak bag with paniers on my rack which looks like it would interfere with trying to mount it. I ride everyday year round to work and everywhere else so I really have been looking for something like this. The bag on the rack holds my battery cause the bike is electric. Any mounting ideas for your product on this electric Days6 bike would be appreciate. I am going to look at the reviews on these as how they handle in wind and how others like them. I think it's a cool idea.

Damian D. (UK)

Thank you for your assistance with each of my queries.
I am looking forward to getting website
operating and to begin ordering with you,
Best Regards

Maria G. (Mexico)

Hey Step!! I am glad I finally buy it!! Thanks for your help!!!

Chris P. (Australia)

I wanted to inform you that I received the Veltop package today. It all looks in good order.
It was quite rapid.
Thank you again for your kind attention,

best regards

Josh B. (Australia)

Have finally place and order for one of your (hopefully wonderful) products. Keep up the good work and thanks for answering all my questions.


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